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Perfect Pints


Perfect Pints is a pint-sized start-up. Spending most of the last decade in successful collaborations and projects with other people, the time was right for me to kick-off my own.

It all started in 2007, when I personally did a tour of 30 pints in 30 days at 30 different pubs in order to find the perfect pint of Guinness in my home county of Sligo, Ireland.

People are passionate about Guinness and everyone had an opinion about the components of a great pint, as well as a suggestion of where to find the elusive, local perfect pint.

Perfect Pints allows you to find your “pint heaven” from a mapped, rated directory of pints, pubs and micro-breweries around the world. You are able to find and rate pints via the website, and soon via your mobile phone, while updating social networks like Twitter and Facebook automatically.

Perfect Pints will allow publicans to market their establishment cheaply and effectively through the website and their own personally managed microsite. It is only fitting to start with perfect pints of the black stuff as 2009 marked the 250th anniversary of Arthur Guinness signing the famous lease at St. James’s Gate in Dublin. Perfect Pints will expand into craft brewers, world-wide.

Perfect Pints has been selected for the 2009-2010 CEIM 12-month Enterprise development programme in the North West of Ireland, and there has been an enormous amount of energy and interest generated by the project. The site was soft launched in March, so please be sure your Perfect Pints are represented. You can also follow along via Twitter (@perfectpints) or by becoming a fan on Facebook.


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