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GNET!C are a father and son DJ team; formed by Justin Knecht (Father) and Gabriel Knecht (Son) who share an equal passion for music. Justin DJ’d his way through high school and college. It was no surprise that Gabriel caught the same music bug. In 2008, Gabriel invested in some Pioneer digital decks and in 2009 the two formed GNET!C in order to DJ together.


Because of our age difference we are able to cater for a wide range of audiences and events. When performing we take requests and will even purchase needed songs on the spot.

GNET!C constantly monitor music trends, new mixes and current hot tracks. They can still dig up old hits from their vast music library. Their sets merge the two into a perfect mix.

GNET!C currently work on digital turntables that enable them to play CDs; access iPods; and play mp3’s off of a personal USB stick. GNET!C can plug your iPods directly into their decks. Also if you submit a playlist of requested music in advance they can take into account what songs you want to hear.

More info in bookings.

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