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Product is service is product

12 August 2009 · 3 Comments

It’s a known fact that more people talk about a bad service experience than a good one, so it makes even more sense to give a shout out to a great example of stellar service. I had come across moo cards, but it wasn’t until last week that I finally made an order. This post will be long enough without walking through all the service design steps (Entice, Decide, Use, Support, Extend), so lets just stick with the moment the new cards arrived.

Yay! That’s right. This is an exciting moment. Just a sticker, but it sure beats a box with your first card taped to the top.

They thought of everything and even gave me some credit in the process. Thanks. The curious thing is, nothing outside the card I designed is actually personal, but it feels personal. The content is great. Well-written and full of personality. Someone wiser than me once said, “Creating a brand is easy, being different isn’t.”

The main selling point was being able to have 50 different images across the fifty cards. If you’re doing anything visual, this is fantastic. The printing quality is great.

In addition to a great card box, how clever are these tabs?

And if something had gone wrong, they have that covered as well with what would appear to be a guarantee to sort it out. Why lose a loyal customer over a €40 order?

In order to extend the experience, they gave me a simple tool, as well as another reason (coupon) to come back. I witnessed Heather James singing moo’s praises on CruiseCamp and was able to help her by using her code.

Contrary to Cristina’s experience of feedback, how’s this for a follow-up? I gave them my time on three short questions and even let them know I thought they could provide better information, or a template, to help people account for bleed for precise custom images.

Moo also realise that every face of your packaging represents a billboard for expression. (This is the inside bottom of the box.) Literally every “touch point” had some thought applied to it. What are you doing when people are waiting for something to load? What do you have on the back of your envelope? On your invoice? On your business card? How do you express your brand personality?

(Feel free to use the discount code: DDZUWQ)

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