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Music in the genes

11 July 2009 · 5 Comments

Last night Gabriel and I DJ’d a set for the Native Speaker Summer Junior Camp at The Crib in Sligo. Gabe won a free spot at the camp for two weeks through an essay writing contest. When he heard they had a weekly disco on Friday nights, he volunteered to do it. Needless to say, it looks like we have a gig for the rest of the summer.

I used to DJ throughout high school and into college. I couldn’t imagine life without music, and would likely sacrifice my eyes before my ears, which is bizarre since I make most of my living through sight. Gabe has been developing his skills on the decks and today we officially launched GNET!C.

I’m digging the brand I whipped up this morning. What do you think? The last thing I need right now is another web project, but I made up little tent business cards; registered a domain at and got us up on Twitter.

Most importantly, we dropped a hot set last night for a mainly Spanish and Italian crowd. At one point they were actually dancing on the tables. No joke. Can’t wait until next Friday …

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